PACICC’s role is to protect Canadians from financial loss in the event that your insurer is shut down by a Canadian insurance regulator.

What must you do to be covered by PACICC?

Purchase your insurance from a PACICC member company and purchase a type of insurance covered by PACICC.

Which insurers are members of PACICC?

All property and casualty insurers licensed in a province or territory of Canada are required to be members of PACICC unless they are covered by another authorized plan. A full list of PACICC members can be found here.

What types of insurance are covered by PACICC?

PACICC protection is included when you buy one of the following types of insurance policies:

–  Accident and Sickness Insurance;
–  Automobile Insurance;
–  Boiler and Machinery Insurance;
–  Credit Protection Insurance;
–  Legal Expenses Insurance;
–  Liability Insurance; and, Property (Home) Insurance
–  Property (Home) Insurance

This protection is automatic and part of most insurance policies sold in Canada. There are no additional fees required.

Some insurance policies are NOT eligible for PACICC protection. These exceptions include insurers licensed to sell only one or more of the following – automobile insurance in Manitoba or Saskatchewan and speciality lines of insurance such as surety, fidelity, marine or aviation.

PACICC coverage limits

In the event that your insurance company was closed by a Canadian regulator, PACICC will pay outstanding claims and refund premiums paid in advance up to the following limits:

PACICC’s claims limits

Auto and commercial insurance policies – up to $250,000.
Home insurance policies – up to $300,000 per policy.
Policy deductibles are applied to the total amount of the insured loss.

Refunding premiums paid in advance

PACICC will also refund 70% of the unearned (unexpired) portion of your premium calculated from the date of the wind-up order. The maximum refund is $700 per policy.