PACICC is pleased to sponsor a Risk Officer’s Forum which brings together senior risk management professionals in the Canadian P&C industry to discuss current and emerging risk issues and risk management best practices. Effective risk management is key to mitigating financial risk and consequently insolvency risk.

To create and facilitate a P&C Risk Officer’s Forum to enhance enterprise risk management (ERM) within the Canadian P&C industry by:

  • Discussing and sharing ERM best practices and benchmarks for the industry
  • Reviewing and communicating topical ERM information with members and stakeholders
  • Serving as consultative ERM resource for insurance regulators and PACICC
  • Discussing major existing and emerging risks impacting the industry
  • Providing members references and information to facilitate research on risks, ERM and related regulatory and governance topics


  • PACICC’s P&C Risk Officer’s Forum membership is open to licensed insurers and reinsurers in Canada (Federal, Provincial or Territorial).
  • Insurer and Reinsurer Members need not be a member of PACICC.
  • An insurer or group may have more than one Member, as long as the Member has ERM responsibilities.
  • CEOs, Chief Agents and Foreign Risk Officers can serve as Members if there is no other Canadian staff with ERM responsibilities.


  • The Risk Officer’s Forum is overseen by an Advisory Committee of senior industry risk officers and an assigned PACICC Administrator
  • The PACICC Administrator will also be the key contact for the Forum and the Advisory Committee.
  • The Advisory Committee is chaired by one of the industry risk officers