Actuaries’ Role in Safeguarding the Solvency of P&C Insurers
A research paper on the actuaries’ role in safeguarding the solvency of property and casualty (P&C) insurers, with a focus on regulatory requirements throughout Canada, and more specifically at the provincial level. Updated March 2015.
Property and Casualty Actuary’s Role in Solvency Monitoring
Research outlining the role of a property and casualty actuary in solvency monitoring. Updated October 2011.
Insolvency Wording and Related Contract Considerations
The insolvency wording and related contract considerations in Guideline B-3. Published April 2011.
Time Horizons and Terminal Provisions
A research paper looking at the three factors that determine the capital requirement of insurer. Published June 2010.
(Re)Assurance of Solvency
A study about reinsurance assets in insurance company liquidations. Published November 2008.
Toward a Risk Mangement Framework
A look creating the risk management framework. Published in December 2007.
Extent of Coverage Review
A look into the extent of coverage options. Technical appendix is the following PDF. Published November 2005.
Extent of Coverage Review, Technical Appendix
The appendix to Extent of Coverage Options (the previous PDF). Published in November 2005.
Options for Preparedness at PACICC
A study looking at the options for successful operational preparedness. Latest revision on February 2005.
Financial Capacity, Technical Appendix
The technical appendix of Financial Capacity. Published in November 2004.
PACICC Corporate Governance Reform
A look at PACICC’s suggestion for governance reform. Published April 2004.
PACICC White Paper
A paper regarding the options to ensure another fifteen successful years of service. Published March 2003.